Code of Ordinances

This page is where you can find general information about what is and is not allowed in the city as well as fines and penalties for non-compliance. Our main goal is to educate the public and give them a chance to correct violations before any action is taken. If you have any questions or would like more specific information please call or visit City Hall.

Ordinance 2013-01

Dangerous Buildings and Structures

This ordinance adopted the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, which sets guidelines for any remodeling or new constructions. It also regulates dangerous and substandard buildings and structures within the City.

Ordinance 2013-03

Junked and Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned motor vehicles or junked vehicles are regulated within the City limits in order to preserve and protect the public health and safety and the quality of life and property values.

Ordinance 2013-05

Animal Control

This is a summarized version of the City's new animal ordinance. The full text can be seen at City Hall.

  • Running at large, it will be in violation to let any dog, fowl, livestock, or unvaccinated cat to run at large in the city limits. All animals must be contained behind a fence, coop, or livestock pen/stable. Animals “of any kind” are no longer allowed to roam free in the city limits.

  • Vaccinations, it is required by the State of Texas that all dog and cats over 4 months of age be vaccinated and have proof of said vaccination.

  • Tethered Animals, a dog is allowed to be tethered by a secure device, on their owner’s property, as a means to prevent running at large.

  • Livestock, there will be regulations concerning the type, number, and pen/enclosure requirements of livestock owned by private citizens, in the City Limits.

  • Pen and coop locations, there is a regulation stating the minimum requirements for distance and size of all animal pens and coops located within the city limits.

  • Cruel Treatment, No animal shall be abused, deprived of required food, water or shelter, or mistreated in any way, shape or form, which may be considered cruel and unusual.

  • Penalty, Penalty amounts for violations shall be set and enforced by our Municipal Court Judge.

Ordinance 2013-02

Trash and Nuisances

The accumulation of litter, solid waste, garbage, trash, vegetative overgrowth, overgrown grass, weeds, and brush as well as standing or stagnant water is prohibited by this ordinance. 

Ordinance 2013-04

Engine Brakes

This ordinance prohibits loud vehicle noises and the use of engine brakes within the City Limits.

Ordinance 2013-06

Permit Fees

An Ordinance creating a Permit Fee Schedule, requiring all persons or contractors doing work within the Evant City limits to obtain a Permit from City Hall. The Permit Fee Schedule can be seen below.

For permit fee prices please contact Fred Fouche, Code Enforcement at City Hall

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