What requires a work permit in the City of Evant?


    Well Worksheet Permits.

        Any work on a water well done in the City of Evant requires a permit.


    Sign Installation Permits.

        This mostly pertains to any new or existing business or Billboards that are put up in the City Limits. Any signs that are put in your own yard or property, that do not pertain to a business and do not have a permanent base/foundation do not require a permit. Examples that do not need a permit are, political signs, religious signs, football signs, election signs…etc.


    HVAC/Mechanical Permits.

        Any new HVAC systems installed or replaced, central air & heat only, require a permit. Recharging of any HVAC system requires a permit, due to the freon involved. Any new duct replacement or installation may require a permit and may require an Asbestos survey; depending on weather you are commercial, public or residential. Any scheduled maintenance on HVAC or ducts does not require a permit, however, depending on the scope and type of maintenance being preformed some items might. (Call and ask please). HVAC items that do not require permits are window units, window heaters, space heaters, replacing filters, and some general maintenance.


    General Contractor Permits.

        This type of work includes replacing or putting on a new roof, building decks-of a minimum size requirement, replacing or building fences, replacing or installing new house siding (includes rocks or bricks), building front or back porch (of a minimum size and depends if it will be covered or not and if a concrete foundation is part of the construction process and if it is attached the load bearing frame of the house), some types of major landscaping projects (call and ask). What does not need a general contractor permit is most maintenance, cosmetic work, fixing little odds and ends, painting your house and if you are not sure then please call for verification.


    Plumbing Permits.

        Plumbing permits are needed for gas installation & tests, irrigation installation, installation or replacement of electric & gas water heaters, the replacement and repair of the main water line (in the front yard that touches the city water lines), the plumbing for new construction of a house or building and if you are completely remodeling your plumbing. What does not need a plumbing permit: fixing frozen and busted pipes, installing a new shower, tub, sink, toilet or basic maintenance for repairing fixtures and pipes.


    Building/Moving/Demolition Permits.

        Building permits include building a new house, barn, structure- of a minimum size; additions to your home, in-ground pools or any major construction project (call and ask). Moving permits include moving a house, mobile home, manufactured home or pre-built shed, cabin or structure (of a minimum size) in, out or within the city limits . Demolition permit include the demolition of a house, building or structure- of a minimum size.


    Electrical Permits.

        Required for all circuit wiring, panel boards, meter bases or masts, installation or replacement of circuit breakers, new construction of a building or house, and remodeling of a house or building. If an electrical contractor is needed for the work a permit will be required (for most jobs) please call or send contractor to explain the scope of the work being done.


For futher information:

Contact City Hall:

   (254) 471-3135